On Saturday August 20th, the Smith Island Crab Skiff Association held its fifth of sevent scheduled racing events at the Kent Island Yacht Club. It was a beautiful day for racing, racers, crews and observers. The boats ran a four-buoy rectangular course in front of the pier by the club's swimming pool. The main race, which is run for points and year's end trophies, was a three-lap staggered start with the B class skiffs leading the quicker C class skiffs across the starting line. It was a very competitive and close race to the finish line.

Congratulations to "Hot Crabs Cold Beer, " owned and driven by Pete Ginocchio, who won the C class division, and to "Slippery Eel," driven by Adam Thompson, who won the B class division. 

There were a total of eight skiffs in attendance: four B class racers and four C class racers. The other C class skiffs were "Fiddler," owned and driven by Randy Silvers; "After Hours," owned and driven by Erik Emely; and "Twisted Oyster," owned and driven by Jeff Swanson. B class skiffs were "Down Necker II," owned by Paul Emely; "Rock My Fish," owned and driven by Joe Strohmer; and "Shady Lady." owned by Karl Nisson and driven by Association president Mike Porter.

All agreed Kent Island Yacht Club is a great venue; we are looking forward to returning next year.

The September 3 race at Crisfield, Hard Crab Derby, was rained out. 

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